lördag 4 juli 2009

Report from Sweden

We arrived safely on June 13 and after a couple of days in Lund we drove to our summerhouse in Västervik - 400 km north of Lund. We took the train another 200 km to pick up our boat - sailed back to Västervik to celebrate the Swedish Midsommar together with friends - and Evert and Anita. Together we sailed away to Stockholm to watch the Volvo Ocean Race´s magnificient boats and for a Lagoon meeting - the producer of our boat. After one week of sailing Evert and Anita left us for their summerhouse on the west coast. We had a gordious week with fantastic weather, perfect winds, superb wines that Evert and Anita brought a gourmet meals! Life could not be better!

Today I will take the train to Lun / Malmö to bring our little grandchild Embla tomorrow to Västervik to spend a week with us. Next Saturday we will leave Västervik and sail to Lund - where we will stay for a week and then - we start our sailing to Cyprus! I will keep in touch during our sailing - which will take us about 2,5 months. Long to see you again in Paphos!

Picture 1. Saining with Anita and Evert to Stockholm

Picture 2. Lagoon meeting in Stockholm

Picture 3. Sunset from our summerhouse

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