torsdag 30 juli 2009

Sailing to Cyprus

After Anita and Evert left us we spend some days in Västervik. A week later I took the train to Malmö to meet the children and friends and then the next day Embla and I took the train back to Västervik. We spent a lovely week together with her. On July 9 our third grandchild was “delivered” – Tuva-Li – three weeks to early but still 3.300 gr. See pictures of her!

We had terrible problems with the navigation equipment during our sail from Västervik to Lomma to welcome her– and imagine – one night we had to go into a harbour with our main sail up in the middle of the night because we could not bring it down… I had to winch Sven 21 meters up at 12 o’clock in the night to fix it. We were both scared – he more than me because I was down on the boat – but I was rather scared taking him down slowly…..

We stayed a week in Lomma and met the family again – no sailing though because of the problems and bad weather. See pictures of Tuva-Li with Grandfather and our other two Grandchildren – Embla and Wilhelm - climbing our dingy. The parents were frightened but we did tell them what we had to go through the same when they did the most dangerous things. Nice to be Grandmother and Grandfather….

So in the afternoon of July 21 we left Lomma with friends waving us off and we were heading for the Kiel Channel. We had to stop on the way to sleep – the winds were against us! But we passed the Channel on July 23. Cold – Sven took a picture of me totally “covered”. I look miserable because I had learnt that it was 35 degrees on Cyprus……

We left the Channel on July 24 and sailed to Cuxhafen for a night’s sleep and then further to Helgoland at four o’clock in the morning to use the tide in the North See. See the photo of the size of the tankers passing and meeting us all the time. We have to watch out!

Helgoland we left at 08.10 in the morning of July 26 and we sailed throughout the night and arrived at Scheweningen in the Netherlands at 18.30 the next day.

We headed for France next morning but it is unbelievable – one of my best friends from High-school – living in California – send an SMS and asked us where we were – because he had just landed in Brussels! We have known each other for 47 years and we used to meet every year when he visited his parents in Sweden before we moved to Cyprus – and of course we changed our plans and went in to Oostende to meet him and his family. We had a fantastic evening together as you see from the last picture from me today.

We had decided to sail to Guernsey today but with gale warning we decided to sail into Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. Nice town!

If you would like to check our location - go to and the name of our boat is Gladan af Westervik.

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