onsdag 26 augusti 2009

Palma de Mallorca

In the early morning on August 23 we left Ibiza and arrived late afternoon the same day to Palma de Mallorca. The weather was beautiful and sitting on the fly bridge reading an exiting book – that is life…

And now we have spent three days here with my sister and her Spanish family. Upon arrival we invited my sister Siv, her son Lucas, his girlfriend Sandra and Aunt Isabelle for a drink.

We have also had our problems with the boat fixed thanks to Lucas and his Spanish father in law! They helped us “dedicated” over all language problems and without them we would be lost in trying to communicate our problems to the different technicians! Sven tried to help reading the English handbook.

Lucas and my sister also took us for fantastic guided tours on this beautiful island! In the harbour of San Serre we also met Sandra’s father and in the restaurant of Sandra’s uncle we also met her grandmother and her two uncles at a fantastic dinner. If you ever visit Mallorca – ask me and I will give you the address!

See by yourselves…..Tomorrow we will leave for Menorca and our next stop will be Corsica.

lördag 22 augusti 2009


Tday Agust 22 we reached Ibiza! Tomorrow we will sail to Palma de Mallorca to meet my sister Siv and her Spanich family.

Porto Almeira / Aguilas

On August 18 we reached the Bay of Porto Almeria and as it was eleven o’clock at night we just anchored in the bay to have a good night’s sleep.

August 19 we arrived in the Bay of Aguilas and as the harbour was too small we once again anchored, took a swim and then the dingy into the town. We did not find any restaurant that we fancied to when went back to ”Gladan” for a candle light dinner.

The sunrise this morning was beautiful!


We left Gibraltar at noon August 17 and we were sailing to Marbella for sentimental reasons. Sven had been there 50 years ago – but all the three harbours were “full” so we had to continue to Fuengirola. I took a “birthday swim” in the Mediterranean – 25 degrees in the water - and we had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant in the harbour.

Tomorrow we will leave for ….. I do not know any longer because you never know when you are sailing. However I do hope to reach Palma de Mallorca not later than August 25 to meet my sister and her Spanish family there!

söndag 16 augusti 2009

We have reach the Mediterranean!

We left Barbate early this morning – but still with the winds against us but we are eager to arrive home….

We entered into the Mediterranean at 11.30 and sailed into the harbour of Gibraltar at 12.30. We have spent the day looking at everything worth seeing here during a three hour walk up and down hills.

The pictures show when leaving Barbate, me with Gibraltar in front of the boat, our boat in the harbour of Gibraltar between – of it – the famous cliff, the famous apes of Gibraltar – and a Swedish one – the caves and the tunnels. Tomorrow we intend to sail to Marbella for a short visit – Sven was there 50 years ago – and then to Malaga to have a nice dinner on my birthday there.

lördag 15 augusti 2009


Ambulance helicopter and ambulance just arrived in front of us here in Barbate! What happened? We do not know but we had to clean the boat for one hour from stones and dust from the helicopter when landing.

Gibraltar / Barbate

We did not reach Gibraltar because of the heavy winds – once again against us - so at 10.45 today August 15 - we had to search shelter in the harbour of Barbate – however not that far away from Gibraltar. The harbour is outside the village and we will just sleep here to recover and wait for the winds to “calm down” to continue into the Mediterranean.

We met “our” dolphins again – playing in front of our boat.

Our glass door into the cabin brook down in the high waves and Sven is trying to fix it.


We left Lissabon late in the morning of August 11 and sailed to Sines – still in Portugal. The weather was fantastic and we did enjoy the sun and the warm north-west winds – bringing us closer and closer to Cyprus and Paphos!

Upon arrival in the harbour of Sines we took a swim.

In the morning of August 12 we sailed to Nazare – still on the west coast of Portugal – and today August 13 we arrived in the harbour of Albufeira at the south coast of Portugal and from there we will sail 24 hours to Gibraltar. We expect to reach Gibraltar on August 16. And then we have sailed into the Mediterranean!!!!

The photos show you leaving Lissabon, the customs in Sines checking us I, the harbour of Sines, Sven taking a swim in the harbour of Sines, heavy fog all day when sailing from Sines to Albufeira, the absolute southwest part of Portugal and we have finally reach Albufeira and are celebrating with cheese and wine!

tisdag 11 augusti 2009


So we reached Lissabon! I am really impressed that we succeeded to sail so far - but we are still not halvway to Cyprus - but the weather is for the first timne niiiiice.

We are in Portugal

We spent all day in La Coruna and did not leave until noon August 8 - again due to heavy winds – but finally the winds were with us – for the first time! So we sat the sails outside the harbour and succeeded to beat our earlier sailing speed record – 13.4 knots! Not bad at all…… And we did not take down the sails until we were outside the harbour of Morus at 23.00. The harbour was loaded with boats so we had to spend one hour to find a place for Gladan and we did struggle for one hour to finally get her moored outside a fisher boat.

Early in the morning of August 9 we left for Portugal and we had once again a perfect sailing and arrived in Porto in the middle of the night – again.

We left Porto at six o´clock in the morning of August 10 to sail towards Lissabon with one stop in between. We are for the moment rather tired of entering harbours in the middle of the nights when you see nothing at all. But sometimes we have to …..

Now we are in Nazaré for the night. The sun is here with us in Portugal but we still do not have the Mediterranean temperatures – but we are getting closer ….

fredag 7 augusti 2009

Bay of Biscay

We left Brest early in the morning of August 5 and arrived in Spain - La Coruna - early this morning of August 7 after 49 hours sailing. We are tired but happy to have survived the Bay of Biscay. We had waves up to four meters but they were long and smooth so it was OK. We met some dolphines on our way and they followed us for half an hour. Except for th dolphines and some tankers ans fishingboat we only saw water, water and water during those 49 hours. We stay here in La Coruna until tomorrow when we will sail to Portugal. Some pictures....

tisdag 4 augusti 2009

Sailing to Brest

We left St. Peter Port on Guernsey yesterday August 2 early morning and we were able to sail for some hours, but then – again - we had the winds against us and we had to start the motors. We are pleased when we sail with the tide but struggle when we sail against it. We sailed throughout the night and arrived in Brest 25 hours later – tired but happy to be in a harbour again after having had heavy winds “out there”.

Yesterday afternoon an enormous Trimaran passed us and we were really curious about the boat! We got the answer in the harbour of Brest. The Trimaran Banque Populaire had set a new world record when sailing from New York over the Atlantic in 3 days, 15 hours, 25 minutes and 48 seconds in an average almost 32.92 knots – slightly faster then we…… The old record from July 2007 was 4 days, 3 hours, 57 minutes and 54 seconds. Gladan is moored just behind the Banque Populaire so for the first time we do not get any attention…. The TV-teams are not filming us, and the photographers and journalists are not interviewing us….

It is still very windy and rainy. The forecast previews heavy winds also tomorrow but in the night August 4 – 5 the winds will calm down and hopefully we are able to leave for our fight with the Bay of Biscay that night. Tonight we will have a good night´s sleep and a “slow” day tomorrow to gather forces for sailing about 3 nights and days to reach La Coruna in Spain. Keep your fingers crossed for good winds and nice Spanish weather!

lördag 1 augusti 2009


We left Boulogne-sur-Mer at sunrise yesterday and sailed throughout the night. We had´the warmest day in twoi weeks and finally we could through off our cloths!

We arrived to Guernsey at 09.40 this morning and by then the winds had picked up and it is raining again...

We do long for Cyprus and 35 degrees!

We moored outside the harbour because due to the tide we can not enter the harbour until 16.00 this afternoon. We left our mooring place to tank and Sven took our dingy to collect the internet code. Thanks to him I am able to update my blog!

The website: www.marinetraffic.com/ais shows us our sailing routes.