lördag 22 augusti 2009


We left Gibraltar at noon August 17 and we were sailing to Marbella for sentimental reasons. Sven had been there 50 years ago – but all the three harbours were “full” so we had to continue to Fuengirola. I took a “birthday swim” in the Mediterranean – 25 degrees in the water - and we had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant in the harbour.

Tomorrow we will leave for ….. I do not know any longer because you never know when you are sailing. However I do hope to reach Palma de Mallorca not later than August 25 to meet my sister and her Spanish family there!

2 kommentarer:

Filip sa...

Grymma grillspett :)

Mark sa...

Det må vara måndag förmiddag men man blir lite sugen.

Usch, vad orättvist det är att ni är ute och seglar på medelhavet när en annan måste jobba...