onsdag 26 augusti 2009

Palma de Mallorca

In the early morning on August 23 we left Ibiza and arrived late afternoon the same day to Palma de Mallorca. The weather was beautiful and sitting on the fly bridge reading an exiting book – that is life…

And now we have spent three days here with my sister and her Spanish family. Upon arrival we invited my sister Siv, her son Lucas, his girlfriend Sandra and Aunt Isabelle for a drink.

We have also had our problems with the boat fixed thanks to Lucas and his Spanish father in law! They helped us “dedicated” over all language problems and without them we would be lost in trying to communicate our problems to the different technicians! Sven tried to help reading the English handbook.

Lucas and my sister also took us for fantastic guided tours on this beautiful island! In the harbour of San Serre we also met Sandra’s father and in the restaurant of Sandra’s uncle we also met her grandmother and her two uncles at a fantastic dinner. If you ever visit Mallorca – ask me and I will give you the address!

See by yourselves…..Tomorrow we will leave for Menorca and our next stop will be Corsica.

2 kommentarer:

Mark sa...

Så skönt det ser ut!

Här börjar hösten göra sig påmind med vindar och sjunkande temperaturer men som araberna alltid sagt: "Där solen alltid skiner är det öken". Jag greppar förtvivlat kvar i den.

André sa...

Jaa... Man blir ju väldigt avundsjuk... Vilket hårt liv ni har :-)