lördag 15 augusti 2009


We left Lissabon late in the morning of August 11 and sailed to Sines – still in Portugal. The weather was fantastic and we did enjoy the sun and the warm north-west winds – bringing us closer and closer to Cyprus and Paphos!

Upon arrival in the harbour of Sines we took a swim.

In the morning of August 12 we sailed to Nazare – still on the west coast of Portugal – and today August 13 we arrived in the harbour of Albufeira at the south coast of Portugal and from there we will sail 24 hours to Gibraltar. We expect to reach Gibraltar on August 16. And then we have sailed into the Mediterranean!!!!

The photos show you leaving Lissabon, the customs in Sines checking us I, the harbour of Sines, Sven taking a swim in the harbour of Sines, heavy fog all day when sailing from Sines to Albufeira, the absolute southwest part of Portugal and we have finally reach Albufeira and are celebrating with cheese and wine!

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