söndag 16 augusti 2009

We have reach the Mediterranean!

We left Barbate early this morning – but still with the winds against us but we are eager to arrive home….

We entered into the Mediterranean at 11.30 and sailed into the harbour of Gibraltar at 12.30. We have spent the day looking at everything worth seeing here during a three hour walk up and down hills.

The pictures show when leaving Barbate, me with Gibraltar in front of the boat, our boat in the harbour of Gibraltar between – of it – the famous cliff, the famous apes of Gibraltar – and a Swedish one – the caves and the tunnels. Tomorrow we intend to sail to Marbella for a short visit – Sven was there 50 years ago – and then to Malaga to have a nice dinner on my birthday there.

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Congratulation reaching the Mediterranean. Now rest of the trip will be fun and play!!