onsdag 30 september 2009

Finally - PAPHOS!

Some photos taken upon our arrival to Paphos!

söndag 27 september 2009

Lovely Cyprus - Here w are

Thank you - Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Guernsey/UK, France again, Spain/La Coruna, Portugal, Spain again, Gibraltar/UK, Spain again with the Islands Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Sardinia/Italy, Corsica/France, Montecristo-Italy - sorry for having intruded – Italy with the Islands of Ischia and Sicily, Grecce and the Islands of Milos, Ios, Astipalaia, Tilos and Rodhos and finally Turkey - for your support in the harbours and for offering us perfect places for anchoring.

After two months and five days – in total 67 days – of sailing we
were sailing into the harbour of Paphos around one o’clock on Friday September 25! We were met by the Cyprus television and Cyprus mail outside Coral Bay but that was nothing compared to be met by our dear friends Malcolm, Evert, Anita, Olof and Elisabeth – who got her first grand child exactly at that moment! Congratulations!

Guess who are the happiest and proudest two people at that moment? Sven and I - because we managed to bring ‘Gladan af Westervik’ from Sweden to Cyprus despite hard winds in combination with thunderstorms, gales, heavy rains, lots of instrument problems that we will never forget! But we will also for ever remember all the perfect, sunny days sitting on fly-bridge enjoying life together with all the places we have visited – in advance decided by us or necessary to visit for reasons out of our control.

Finally – we have so much looked forward to meeting all our dear friends on Cyprus! We have thought about you – and missed you – but here we are!

måndag 21 september 2009

Goddbye Greece - Hallo Turkey

Early this morning we left Rodhos and sailed away to Turkey. Sven had to fix some ropes and had a good view from his position “up there”. For the second last time we changed flags – and now only our Cyprus flag is left!


Astipalaia to Tilos to Rodhos

After having left the sheltered water around Astipalaia we had a rather tuff sailing toTilos – an island with only 300 inhabitants. I slipped and almost killed myself. No – of course it was not that bad – but I got some scratches on my cheek and chin. Waking up yesterday morning we got a chock as the anchor had lost its grip and we were drifting away. So we started the instruments, took up the anchor and sailed away as fast as we ever could. In fact we were really close to a German sailing boat. So at 07.10 we were on our way to Rodhos and anchored outside the harbour in the afternoon as the harbour was full.

Then in the evening the Cost Guard came and all the eleven anchored boats had to leave as a huge boat was sailing in so we finally found a sheltered bay. Five days to go…….

lördag 19 september 2009

Ios to Astipalaia

We had a calm sailing as you see and Sven took some pictures of the boat from the beautiful village of Astipalaia. Tomorrow Tilos is waiting for us.

Milos to Ios

Having some hours of rest I used one of my favourites – the washing machine. The Greek landscape is beautiful and so also the BIG stone rabbit that we sailed by. Sven took our tender to take pictures of our boat – and as you may see I was tempted to leave him there – but his boat was faster than mine so – no!

We filled up the tanks with diesel - I was stung by an aggressive creature – still hurting – and Sven rent a motorbike with four wheels so we made a tour around the island. Tomorrow we will sail to the Island of Astipalaia – and the Tilos, Rohdos, Marmaris, Taslik – and than PAFOS! We will sail into the harbour either 25 or 26 of September but I will update my blog with exact date and time…..

onsdag 16 september 2009

Goodbye Messina & Hallo Greece

We left Messina on Sicily in the morning of September 13 having decided to cross the Ionian Sea and sail directly to Greece and Peloponnisos – 312 nautical miles – a rather brave decision….

The first five hours we had fantastic weather and I took a photo of a spectacular road carved into the cliffs at the very south point of Italy.

Then we faced a thunderstorm! You have the dark sky how it did look like around our boat and then the radar picture where we are surrounded by the storm – the lilac big cloud - somewhat dizzy but it is not easy to take pictures in the waves we sailed through! Our Gladan is the boat heading south-east with the yellow arrow showing the wind direction and the “triangles” you see are boats we met or passed. Once again we survived and sailed throughout the night in calm weather hoping for calm weather also for the next 30 hours we had to go to reach Greece….

But – after the calm night and morning - changing watch every second hour - we faced a new thunderstorm after lunch on Monday September 14. This storm did not leave us – it behaved like a Donald Duck thunder cloud - always being above us. We had winds up to 14 m/s and because of the heavy rain we saw nothing and of course we were happy that the auto pilot and radar still worked! Again I took pictures both of the sky and the radar.

Tuesday morning the wind speed decreased and at noon we proudly changed the Italian flag – finally after our unexpectedly long stay in Italy – into the Greek flag.
After 62 hours´ sailing we anchored in a small bay outside Porto Kaiyo on Peloponnisos and had a nice dinner at a small restaurant in the harbour.

Wednesday morning we left very early and in the evening we reached the Island of Milos where the statue Venus Milo was found – now to be seen at the Louvre in Paris.

You see the cliffs at the entrance of the bay, the sunset and the village of Adamandas and finally our Gladan in the darkness.

lördag 12 september 2009


After 27 hours sailing from Ischia we arrived in Messina at 10 o´clock this morning. We rent a car and drove to Etna. It was horrible to see what nature does to nature. Tomorrow we will leave for Greece - Peleponnisos - a sailing of about three days. e do hope the weather will be nice to us!