måndag 21 september 2009

Astipalaia to Tilos to Rodhos

After having left the sheltered water around Astipalaia we had a rather tuff sailing toTilos – an island with only 300 inhabitants. I slipped and almost killed myself. No – of course it was not that bad – but I got some scratches on my cheek and chin. Waking up yesterday morning we got a chock as the anchor had lost its grip and we were drifting away. So we started the instruments, took up the anchor and sailed away as fast as we ever could. In fact we were really close to a German sailing boat. So at 07.10 we were on our way to Rodhos and anchored outside the harbour in the afternoon as the harbour was full.

Then in the evening the Cost Guard came and all the eleven anchored boats had to leave as a huge boat was sailing in so we finally found a sheltered bay. Five days to go…….

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