tisdag 1 september 2009

Back to Sardinia

We left the Bay early this morning to sail to Corsica but we hade to turn back. At open sea the waves were over 5 meters and struggling with them for 10 hours would have been “too much”. So once again we anchored in the Bay but this time we choose the other side – Port of Caccia. We also had some leakages so Gladan´s engineer Sven had to start working again.

But the weather is warm and the sun is shining so we have spent the day walking up to the lighthouse that we saw when sailing in. Unfortunately the Grotte di Nettuno was closed due to bad weather – and we were out there so we do understand. However we got the opportunity to take a photo closer to the lighthouse – but the top was closed for public as it today is a military area.

So we took our dingy to see the caves from the outside and I promise you the waves were still extremely high. We met a “brave” sailor – but I do not think he knew what he was doing… Sometimes in the waves we could not see the boat – only the top of the mast!

The Tax Authorities are chasing us even here in the Port of Caccia – the Italian Guardia Finanze….

The winds are decreasing and so the huge waves so we do hope to be able to leave fore Corsica tomorrow!

Before we went to bed we relaxed with a romantic film “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz. Sometimes we do wonder if our sailing is “The Holiday”! But we have survived so far and we have only 20 sailing days to go to our home in Olympus Village in Cyprus. But when sailing you never know – as today – and we will also spend some days ashore when we reach places we want to visit – as Etna on Sicily. So our friends on Cyprus will hopefully see us sailing into the harbour of Paphos one of the last days of September….

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