tisdag 1 september 2009


We left Sardinia early this morning in the sun rise – no winds. I brought my Greek language file up to fly bridge and everything was perfect! My teacher Kristina will be pleased to see the photo verifying it…..

But then suddenly between Sardinia and Corsica at open sea the winds increased and increased and increased….. And we could do nothing but continue sailing. We did change our sailing direction avoiding having the heavy winds directly against us but for hours the water was sweeping over our “Gladan” and us – and “Gladan” was diving into the waves – over and over again and every time with heavy splashes ….

Once again we survived and “Gladan” also so now we are close to the harbour of Bonifacio on Corsica and Sven is changing the guest flag from Italian into French. Nice! We will go out tonight celebrating that we are still alive – and still on our way to Cyprus. Tomorrow we plan to leave for the island of Montecristo – I say “plan” because as said before we never know where we end up.

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