lördag 12 september 2009

Goodbye Civitavecchia

Goodbye Civitavecchia!

On the first picture you see our RayMarine heroes – helping us with the spare parts – ordering them from Milan yesterday and installing the new remote control with accessories to the auto pilot this morning! We say “Thank you”!

We do hope that we will never ever visit Civitavecchia again – although they did help us out in the harbour – and they did help me many times with the internet connections – but after one week – we have had enough… However - we are pleased to have visited the Italian countryside and Rome with our rental car.

We left Civitavecchia at 12.00 September 9 and at 17.00 we passed Rome and at 20.35 we anchored in the bay of Anzio. It was already completely dark at that time. The Captain went to sleep after the dinner and I stayed up at the fly bridge listening to a gordious concert ashore…Tomorrow we will start at sunrise sailing towards Napoli and the Island of Ischia.

Thereafter our next “goal” will be “Stretto di Messina” and we will moor at Sicily to visit Etna. From there we intend to sail three days and nights directly to Crete.

Slowly, slowly – “sigá, sigá” – we are approaching Cyprus and Paphos…..

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