onsdag 16 september 2009

Goodbye Messina & Hallo Greece

We left Messina on Sicily in the morning of September 13 having decided to cross the Ionian Sea and sail directly to Greece and Peloponnisos – 312 nautical miles – a rather brave decision….

The first five hours we had fantastic weather and I took a photo of a spectacular road carved into the cliffs at the very south point of Italy.

Then we faced a thunderstorm! You have the dark sky how it did look like around our boat and then the radar picture where we are surrounded by the storm – the lilac big cloud - somewhat dizzy but it is not easy to take pictures in the waves we sailed through! Our Gladan is the boat heading south-east with the yellow arrow showing the wind direction and the “triangles” you see are boats we met or passed. Once again we survived and sailed throughout the night in calm weather hoping for calm weather also for the next 30 hours we had to go to reach Greece….

But – after the calm night and morning - changing watch every second hour - we faced a new thunderstorm after lunch on Monday September 14. This storm did not leave us – it behaved like a Donald Duck thunder cloud - always being above us. We had winds up to 14 m/s and because of the heavy rain we saw nothing and of course we were happy that the auto pilot and radar still worked! Again I took pictures both of the sky and the radar.

Tuesday morning the wind speed decreased and at noon we proudly changed the Italian flag – finally after our unexpectedly long stay in Italy – into the Greek flag.
After 62 hours´ sailing we anchored in a small bay outside Porto Kaiyo on Peloponnisos and had a nice dinner at a small restaurant in the harbour.

Wednesday morning we left very early and in the evening we reached the Island of Milos where the statue Venus Milo was found – now to be seen at the Louvre in Paris.

You see the cliffs at the entrance of the bay, the sunset and the village of Adamandas and finally our Gladan in the darkness.

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