söndag 27 september 2009

Lovely Cyprus - Here w are

Thank you - Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Guernsey/UK, France again, Spain/La Coruna, Portugal, Spain again, Gibraltar/UK, Spain again with the Islands Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Sardinia/Italy, Corsica/France, Montecristo-Italy - sorry for having intruded – Italy with the Islands of Ischia and Sicily, Grecce and the Islands of Milos, Ios, Astipalaia, Tilos and Rodhos and finally Turkey - for your support in the harbours and for offering us perfect places for anchoring.

After two months and five days – in total 67 days – of sailing we
were sailing into the harbour of Paphos around one o’clock on Friday September 25! We were met by the Cyprus television and Cyprus mail outside Coral Bay but that was nothing compared to be met by our dear friends Malcolm, Evert, Anita, Olof and Elisabeth – who got her first grand child exactly at that moment! Congratulations!

Guess who are the happiest and proudest two people at that moment? Sven and I - because we managed to bring ‘Gladan af Westervik’ from Sweden to Cyprus despite hard winds in combination with thunderstorms, gales, heavy rains, lots of instrument problems that we will never forget! But we will also for ever remember all the perfect, sunny days sitting on fly-bridge enjoying life together with all the places we have visited – in advance decided by us or necessary to visit for reasons out of our control.

Finally – we have so much looked forward to meeting all our dear friends on Cyprus! We have thought about you – and missed you – but here we are!

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