fredag 4 september 2009



We – hopefully – found the electrical problem in Bonaficio / Corsica yesterday and we were very happy when we left for the island of Montecristo. Perfect sailing. After a nice dinner in the sunset we moored in a beautiful bay at half past ten in the evening. I took a swim in the moonlight and life could not be better ….

But – when I woke up this morning I stood face to face to two Italian guards in a motorboat informing us that it was forbidden to moor within 1,000 meters from the island – and we were only 50 meters away. It was so far the most expensive mooring as we had to pay a penalty fee of 344 Euros. But we have been there!

We learnt the hard way that nobody is allowed to go ashore without a written authorisation – not even to swim in the water – so it was worth it! I also managed to take a picture of the very unique goats before we left……

Two hours from the Italian cost all our instruments “died” and if I were a very wealthy woman I would have ordered a helicopter to pick me up and fly me to Aphrodite Street 9 in Olympus Village, Tsada… But – I am not that rich and I never give up that easily so Cyprus – here we come!

However -we reached the harbour of Civitavecchi – and we are in a way lucky because there are booth Lagoon- and Raymarine- agents here so tomorrow we will contact them and we do hope they will fix our never ending story………

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Filip sa...

Lyssnar ni inte på Andrés varningar? ;) Jaja, ni fick göra något som få har gjort i alla fall :D