tisdag 1 september 2009


We started our sailing to Sardinia early in the morning of August 28 and 200 nautical miles and 27 hours later we reached the north west top of Sardinia – Port Algehro. We had fantastic winds all day and throughout the night – but have to load the batteries so we took help of one of our motors at midnight. This morning – when having Sardinia in sight – we have to stop the motor as the batteries were overloaded and did not switch off automatically. So we had to turn them off manually and Sven has been working to find the problem all day.

We do believe that we have had enough problems with the technical matters – and hope this is the end of them… But of course – if you sail the way we have done for more than a month you really test the boat to the utmost and you have to face problems!

Some beautiful photos from the sunrise at Menorca, entering the Bay of Algehro in Sardinia and Sven trying to fix the overheated batteries…..

Tomorrow we will sail to Corsica – hopefully……

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