måndag 26 oktober 2009

Tsada Golfclub

Sven do miss his golf "mates" so I suggested that we went to Tsada to have lunch with them - and we did! Although we did not participate in the competition we were allowed to be on the picture. Thank you Lars-Åke!

fredag 23 oktober 2009

Rotary / Lund

Sven arrived last Friday to Cyprus - finally - but was not able to visit the wineyards with his Rotary friends from Sweden - but I did.

Thanks to Evert and Olof we did have two days of fantastic wine tasting!

Jannicke & Embla

When I felt misserable two of my "stars" visited me here in Paphos and we had a lovely week together - often in the pool with up to 25 degrees but also to warm up Embla in the jacuzzi with 38 degrees.


We managed 4.000 nautic miles with our Gladan af Westervik and then Sven was going by bike 2 km and had this terrible accident. He is back on Cyprus now and slowly recovering but he spent three weeks in Sweden and I did learn a lot more during these weeks than I did during our two years here on Cyprus when I always could ask him for help...