fredag 29 januari 2010

And January 28 in Sweden

When I took a swim in the Mediterranean yesterday I got a picture from a friend who looks after our summer house - taken at exactly the same time. Where do you think I prefer to be?

Swimming in January

Just to make all our friends in Sweden envious - when heading back from Limassol yesterday I saw this beautiful Mediterranean Sea and asked Sven to stop the car and I took of my clothes and jumped into the water - in January - and it was at least 18 degrees.....

söndag 24 januari 2010


We did enjoy the Gala Dinner to the honnour of St. Knut on January 16 - and I was so happy receiving my "decoration" for 25 years´of membership. Sven received his in 1996 so for 14 years he has teased me - but now we are on the same level...

Before that we celebrated Wilhelm´s 2 year birthday and we did enjoy meeting all our family again.

Now we are back on Cyprus in heavy rain and thunderstorms. How lovely!

In a week we will leave Cyprus for 10 days´ cruising in the UAE and according to my information the temperature there is 27 degrees. For sure you will see some pictures from this journey on my blogg in a couple of weeks.

måndag 11 januari 2010

Snow, snow and snow again

Since we arrived in Sweden it has been snowing almost every day - very unnormal for the south of Sweden - but it is beautiful - although it is minus 13 degrees....

I took some pictures from our living room the other day and what you see is snow and ice on the water outside our "summer-house"....

We will be back in Olympus Village January 18 and we do hope the sunny weather will stay on Cyprus until then!