lördag 13 februari 2010

Cruising in the UAE - More pictures

Some of the pictures from our cruise disappeared out in the cyberspace so here you will have the pictures from the biggest mosque and the most expensive restaurant in Dubai - 40 Euros for a glass of Champagne....... After having seen the menue - and the price level - we left the restaurant and choose a less expensive Buffé Restaurang in the same hotel - Burj al Arab in Dubai. Also the biggest hotel aquarium did we visit and we were participating in a protest against the use of plastic bags and received bags and T-shirts in Fujairah. Twice the waiters in the dinner restaurant sang for us and our room service created different animals every evening using towels. This evening we got an monkey....

We visited the desert outside Dubai and drow around in a jeep - really scaring!

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Filip sa...

Är apan gjord av bara handdukar? Cooolt :)