torsdag 6 maj 2010

Report from Cyprus

I have been lazy updating our blog - but we have been so bussy since the latest update beginning of April.

We have visited IKEA in Nicosia - 150 km away from Paphos - but it feels like beeing in Sweden - all the names of their products are the same as in Sweden and then everything else is in Greek.

Talking about Greek - Sven has left our Greek lesson group so now we are only three but we struggel very hard every week.

Golf has taken a big part in our daily life. Sven is playing different competitions 3 - 4 times a week. I take lessons once a week and train almost every day - and now I also take part in the Swedish´s Club competition. It is a had game.... I am happy that we only have less than five minutes to our Golf Club in Tsada.

And then bridge - I have never played bridge before but Sven has - but siga, siga I am learning. So we have been playing a lot of bridge also. I do like it!

We invited Swedish friends to celebrate "Valborgsmässoafton" April 30 with us and the colours on the table were blue and yellow and we played a CD with "Lunds Studentsångare" with typical songs to celebrate the spring arrival.

The second of May we invitet friends to help us to scrubb our boat "Gladan" and we were 12 people and they all did a great job. Their "compensation" was sandwiches, bear and wine. I enclose some pictures.

We will celebrate Sven´s birthday here on Cuprys on June 11 and will leave for Sweden, Lund, Malmö and Västervik on June 18.

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