söndag 26 september 2010


Sorry for all misspellings - but Sven´s Vaio was againt me all the time during the sailing. And some photos I have shown twice - the captain in the Black Sea as an example - and one photo from our sailing outside Paphos almost a year ago also occurred. If you wonder - they are English friends of ours on a day cruise.

Conclusion - We had a fantastic sailing with Göran & Lena - Lars-Åke & Angret - as you see from the pictures. We will be friends for ever!

fredag 24 september 2010

Two missing pikctures

Theto find Göran´s sunglasses. first one shows Lars-Åke with a flying fish that landed on our boat during our sailing from Paphos to Rhodos and the second one Lars-Åke snorkeling

torsdag 23 september 2010

Last days

We left Astipalaia for Tilos and Lena Göran and myself ended up a a birthdayparty at a taverna with internet. Very funny!

From Tilos we sailed to Rhodos and had dinner there at a very nice restaurant. I had hurt my toe a couple of days before so Göran acted "doctor".

We left Rhodos on September 19 at 04.25 and sailed through the night and arrived in Paphos harbour at 17.00 on September 20.

It was GORDIOUS sail trip!

Sifnos to Astipalaia

The crew was tired after the celebration of Göran. We finally found a gas tub and we were so happy to be able to cook again!

Göran´s birthday

We saild away at early in the morning and celebratyed Görans birthday ikn Sifnos after sailing all day.

We started with champagne breakfast and Göran entertained us with songs. Entering the harbour I managed to have a photo taken.

Marmari to Bozcaada to Skypos to Andros

September 12 we left Marmari for Bozcaada - our second visit there. We found a bat that terrorised us. Lars-Åke and Göran enjoyed the sailing on flybridge.

Istanbul to Marmari Adasi

The winds were also today with us - but this day was the only day with some rain. Otherwise we have a lot of sun, sun and sun....

Sven sat on flybridge whilst Lars-åke was VIKING in only T-shirt..

We found a very nie harbour in our books - but when we arrived it was totally empty - but it was easy to moore! We heard that when the nice harbour waS built - there was no money left.

Anngret and Göran got a lift and we had beden looking for gas as we had run out of gas two days before! They did not find any gas tube but bought a small gas kitchen - but forgot to buy gas so we had a barbecue on shore to have warm food. We had
excellent chicken

Istanbull September 10

We spent a day in Instanbul. We visited the Blue Mosque and to a round bus trip in the city for almost three hours.

We spotted this red T-shirt - and we did agree to the message. He did solve many, many problems during our sailing - with the anchore, the engeens and all instruments.

We had a fantastic meal in the evening close to the harbour.

Leaving Istanbul in the morning of September 11, we had again heavy wind so we sailed away.

Bozcaada to Istanbul and the Black sea

We left Bozcaada after breakfast. We had strong winds in the morning but as they "slowed down" we decided to sail throughout the night to Istanbul och continue to the Black Sea.

After having taken a swim in the Black Sea we sailed back to Istanbul and anchored outside the island of Bayrakt. Göran was sooo happy to sail under the bidge having cycling over it before and Lars-Åke was the first one to pass into the Sea as he stood in the front of the boat.

Sigri to Bozcaada

We left Sigri later that we planned because Göran lost his sunglasses and we have to try to find them - but all our efforts failed.

We filled up the tanks in Bozcaada and went out for a meal. Stillk heavy winds.

Next stop Sigri

We enjoied swimming in the sea and moored just outside the castle.

Kusadasi to Nisos Oinoussa

Once aga in we left Kusadasi early in the morning for nisos Oinoussa in heavy sea and Göran is watching our plotter to check all instruments.

Knidos to Gaidaros in Greece

We left also Knidos in heavy winds to sail to Gaidaros. Early in the morning of September 4 we continued to Kusadasi - a short sailing of only six hours. We took a taxi directy to viait the ruins of Efasus. Fantastic! And Göran sang again for us and everybody else visiting Efasus. Best entertainment.... And Anngret was bussy mending our Swedish flag.

Rhodos to Knidos

In heavy winds we left Rhodos , tanked at Kos before we left for Knidos. After having lost his cap Göran tied it to the boat.

Some more pictures from Rhodos