tisdag 7 september 2010

The night outside Rhodos

The night outside Rhodos harbour was really though – the wind was strong as we left – only to realise that we had problems not only with the winds but also with the electricity of the anchor. We were really rather fed up at that time and upon returning to Rhodos we had also problems with the captain in the harbour when we tried to get a mooring to fix the problem. Finally Sven fixed it and once again we anchored outside the harbour of Rhodos.

This morning Sven, Lena and I took the decision to leave for Ikaros despite hard winds – the rest of the crew were asleep. But after some hours in tough winds we took a mutual decision to stop at Kos instead and some hours later after increasing winds up to 16 m/s we took the decision to go for Turkey instead. We ended up in a small harbour – we do not even know the name - yes it was Dueduek – and we got a perfect mooring – Lars-Åke and Anngret took a swim and after a nice shower we all went to this fantastic restaurant “in the middle of nowhere”.

We do hope that the winds will calm down tomorrow – but we do not care – we have all time so what……

This is a message to our Swedish golfers – if we are not back on the 20th of September – Lars-Åke will let you know and give instructions. I will keep you informed.

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