söndag 5 september 2010

Paphos to Rho´dos

We left Paphos harbour at 18.05 Monday August 30 at 18.05. Before that our crew helped us cleaning the very dirty boat.

It was a fantastic feeling leaving the harbour with a fantastic adventure before us. The weather when we left was rather nice but some of the creaw members did no enjoy the waves....

During the night we got serious problems again with the instruments. It could really not be worse because all the instruments died! Sven and Göran were sitting on the flybridge in the darkness to try to find the problem. We had only 14 hours left for our first goal Rhodos. I was impressed by the coolness Göran showed out there....

At sunrise everybody had a nice well earned sleep in the cabins and on deck - and the Captain´s wife was the one who took the photo in the sunrise of September 1.

Once again we had problems with the instruments and the crew was finally fit for fight and helped out. During the day we did enjoy that the wind has slowed down and we where all enjoing the sailing on flybridge.

We entered Rhodos harbour about two o´clock in the afternoon of September 1 - but we did not find a mooring for our catamaran so we anchored outside the harbour. Two third of the crew took the dingy to the towns to buy food and water. Lars-Åke found a flying fish on our boat that had landed there during the sailing.

Please note that I have forgotten my mobiles in Cyprus so please SMS or phone Sven at 00357 – 99 111 893.

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