söndag 28 november 2010

Guitar playing friends

We invited some friends for dinner - and got an evening of entertainment when Stan and Ed played and sung for us throughout the evening.

tisdag 23 november 2010

Greek lessons

We - Gunnel, Petra, Johan and myself - are back again learning Greek together with some people from the UK and today the lesson was concentrated on -"first, second, tenth, twenties... up to 1,000,000th. It took us almost two hours to write down all the Greek letters. On the picture the sentences are blurry on the white-board but so are they also in our heads. However - we have a great time together - and of course we learn a lot!

4,000th = "tetrakiskiskiostós" - maskuline
4,000th = "tetrakiskiskiotís" - feminine
4,000th = "tetrakiskistó" - neutral

The above is the pronaunciations of the words - not the Greek spelling that we also learn...

Easy - isn´t it?

lördag 20 november 2010

Wonderful Cyprus

This photo I took at 11.29 today the 20th of November - 23 degrees in the shadow. No more words about the weather in Cyprus - but compared to the weather forcast in Sweden......

onsdag 17 november 2010

Visit from Lund

Our friends from Lund - Urban and Birgitte - visited us a very intensive week - swimming in the pool and in the Mediterranean - relaxing in the jacuzzi, playing golf and bridge and................ Urban learnt us a lot of the bridge roules during the evenings and surprisingly for us we wan the Swedish competition!

Visit Mark with family and André

We have longed for welcoming our two sons, Marks wife and our grandchildren Wilhelm 2,5 year and Tuva-Li 1 year for a long time - and finally they landed in Cyprus on the 25th of October for one week.

The weather was beautiful but the pool a bit to cold so our jacuzzi was preferred by all - but we went to the Coral Bay several times where the water still kept 25 degrees. The childres loved the djungel baby pool also.

You may hardly see who is the father and the sons when they "pose" in the sand of Coral Bay.... So they digged a big whole and put André into it....

Tuva-Li loved to swim in the water - and the parents had to watch her carefully because she was not afraid at all of the water - and she loved the Cyprus food....

Gladan in Marmaris

Sven and the "boys" - Göran, Anders and Lars-Åke - sailed Gladan to Marmaris for a week to have her lift, washed, painted and polished. No women alloud on board....

When the boat was prepared they drove 500 km to play golf - had two nights at a hotel - and drowe back the next day - so 1000 km for 18 holes of golf.... That is "dedication"....

But the Marina in Marmaris did take care of Gladan when the "boys" were driving around and she was beautiful when they left for Paphos.

Visit from Germany

Our best friends from Germany came to visit us in Cyprus. Cissan and Erik are Swedish - but live outside Fankfurt since almost 25 years. She is born in Västervik and they have a holiday home there - so we "normally" meet them at our and their Christmas and summer visits to Västervik. We had a lovely time and of course we took a swim at Coral Bay - 25 degrees in the Mediterranean mid October...