tisdag 23 november 2010

Greek lessons

We - Gunnel, Petra, Johan and myself - are back again learning Greek together with some people from the UK and today the lesson was concentrated on -"first, second, tenth, twenties... up to 1,000,000th. It took us almost two hours to write down all the Greek letters. On the picture the sentences are blurry on the white-board but so are they also in our heads. However - we have a great time together - and of course we learn a lot!

4,000th = "tetrakiskiskiostós" - maskuline
4,000th = "tetrakiskiskiotís" - feminine
4,000th = "tetrakiskistó" - neutral

The above is the pronaunciations of the words - not the Greek spelling that we also learn...

Easy - isn´t it?

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