onsdag 17 november 2010

Visit Mark with family and André

We have longed for welcoming our two sons, Marks wife and our grandchildren Wilhelm 2,5 year and Tuva-Li 1 year for a long time - and finally they landed in Cyprus on the 25th of October for one week.

The weather was beautiful but the pool a bit to cold so our jacuzzi was preferred by all - but we went to the Coral Bay several times where the water still kept 25 degrees. The childres loved the djungel baby pool also.

You may hardly see who is the father and the sons when they "pose" in the sand of Coral Bay.... So they digged a big whole and put André into it....

Tuva-Li loved to swim in the water - and the parents had to watch her carefully because she was not afraid at all of the water - and she loved the Cyprus food....

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