söndag 26 december 2010

Christmas in Sweden

We left Paphos on the 21st of December at a temperature of +22 degrees and arrived in Copenhagen some hours later at -20 - and although we knew - we were almost in a "cold chock" freezing to death waiting for the very delayed train supposed to take us to Sweden and Lund.

We spent some hours at the airport in Copenhagen and finally we managed to enter one of the most crowded trains - taking us to Lund where our oldest son André waited for us with warm cloths.

We spent Wednesday shopping Christmas presents and after that we gave all our attention to our children Jannicke, André, Mark ande Filip together with husband Tobbe, wife Hanna-Fia and girlfriend Åsa and our "fantastic" grandchildren Embla, Wilhelm, Tuva-Li and Toril!

On the 24th of December - what we celebrate in Sweden - we met all of them together with their respecives´ families and we had a GREAT time. Some pictures....

The fantastic "Pepparkakshuset" was made by Filip´s girlfriend Åsa - who as a physician calculated ever step mathematically. The result is stunning!

Mark´s wife Hanna-Fia is the most energetique person I ever met. Look at her in the kitchen!

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