måndag 26 december 2011

Livingin Cyprus - Livet på Cypern

One of the most daily read Swedish newspapers "Svenska Dagbladet" interviewed Sven a couple of weeks ago how we felt about leaving Sweden as "retired" and how we felt after four years in the sunny Cyprus - and this was what we read in the paper on the 18th of December.

söndag 25 december 2011

Christmas in Lund

We were invited to spend Christmas afternoon with "glögg, lussekatter, pepparkakor and nötter" with Mark´s & Hanna-Fia´s family - all of our big family - and the meny in the evening was "turkey". So we drove from Solhäll Wednesday morning so happy to meet our big family - together with my sister, her son, daughter in law and grandchild.

And what happened in the morning of the 23rd of December? Mark phoned and told us that his oldest son Wilhelm was sick - and so after a couple of hours also his sister Tuva-Li - so we had to rearrange everything with a very short notice....

We decided to move the Christmas celebration to André´s house and Sven and I went out yesterday to buy all the food - because we were still 13 people.....

We did bake new "lussekatter" this morning and brought everything together so we had a woonderful Christmas eve - but of course we missed Mark and his family!

Some pictures...

1. New "lussekatter"
2. Laid for "glögg"
3. Donald Duch at TV 15.00 - Åsa, Jannicke, Toril, Embla, Sven, Tobbe
4. Lucas Jr, Sandra, Lucas JrJr - My sister´s son with wife and son
5. Jannicke, Embla, Toril, Tobbe
6. My sister Siv
7. The Christmas man = our son Filip
8. Discussions - André, Filip & Åsa
9. Me and my lovely granddaugther Embla
10. Toril, Jannicke, Sandra & Lucas JrJr
11. Swedish "julbord"
12. My sisterson´s family
13. Food is served
14. Kaos with 13 people in Andrés livingroom
15. Filip & Åsa who are getting married on the 16th of June 2012

And - the best of all - Mark came by just to say Merry Christmas in the evening - because we did miss them sooo!

onsdag 14 december 2011

Golf in December in Västervik

Our friends in Olympus - Sue & Steve - with whom we also play golf weekly sent us a mail today that they were sitting at the poolside in wonderful weather reading - and if I know them the way I think I do - a glas of white wine from Zangarides Winery....

And we were playing golf in Västervik today - + 3 degrees but sunny. Mark´s and Hanna-Fia´s dog Egon travelled with us to Solhäll and he did enjoy the golf course - where we three were alone. On the first tee he did run to pick up our golf balls but after two holes he did understand to sit nicely at the tees and fairways - and not touch our golf balls. He his a wonderful dog!

måndag 12 december 2011

Baking "Lussekatter" in Västervik

Since Sven and I met - almost 40 years ago - Oh my God - we have every year in the evening of the 12th of December baked the Swedish traditional "Lussekatter" to be enjoyed with "glögg" - a sort of "Gluhwein" - in the evening but also with coffee in the morning of the 13th of December - Lucia - and of course throughout December and also at 15.00 on the 24th of December when we sit year after year looking at Donald Duck at the Television... It is abolutely neccessary with Lussekatter and Pepparkakor then! We managed 100 Lussekatter today - but they will be finished before the 24th of December so we will bake some more.

So - what did we do today at Solhäll - baking "Lussekatter" - when our dear friends -Sue & Steve - were struggling in the harbour of Paphos to sell our Gladan to a gentleman from London....

We managed almost 100 "Lussekatter"! Don´t they look delicious?

onsdag 30 november 2011

måndag 28 november 2011

Sunday Mail 2011-11-28

So also the "Sunday Mail" did publish an article about the dating program "Kiss or Miss" - and Sven and I this time were on the photo....

Golf Flag Competition

We -swedes - still here in Cyprus - played "Flag Golf" today and Sven did as almost.always win the men´s competion and today I played terrible golf so I think I did end as the last woman. I have to visit the driving range more often..S

lördag 26 november 2011

Christmas lunch at Krasares

We had a fantastic tasty Christmas lunch at Krasares put together by all of us - and although a lot of us Swedes have left Cyprus for Christmas in Sweden we were 80! people!

Some pictures....

Göran and Lars-Åke both sang "snapsvisor" for us and presented their new office in Kato Paphos where we will play bridge, get together in the bar and will be able to watch Sweden win the World Championship in football.....

Cyprus Weekly 2011-11-25

torsdag 24 november 2011

Kiss or Miss - Words from the TV-team

Hi Sven,

Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thank you so much for having us on board your beautiful boat. Apart from one unhappy contributor, everyone who came on the boat had an amazing time. The footage we shot looks brilliant and I know that the rest of the crew and production team are very thankful that you took the time to accommodate us.

The help and time that people such as you give is so valuable and will all go towards making the show look great as well as making the filming process very enjoyable. The whole team and both our couples have said how nice it was to meet you and Maj and what a pleasure it was to spend a couple of days with you.


I have attached a link to the website where information about dates when the show will air will appear. I am no longer working at Princess so if you do need anything then please feel free to contact jo.challenor@princesstv.com

Once again, a massive thank you from all the team.



So - I played a "Texas Scramble" together with Paul, Per & Kerstin and we did WIN! The price was a bottle of wine each - but I have no picture to prove it as Sven & I had already left the Club House when the last boll came in... Sven was competing for the Vikings versus the Brittish team - and Sven played fantastic golf - but it did not help. The Brittish team won - so he was disappointed and wanted to go home.....

onsdag 23 november 2011

Kiss or Miss - Second couple

So in beautiful weather - sun shining and calm sea - we went out with the second couple with "Gladan af Westervik" in "Kiss or Miss" this Sunday. What a difference! The couple fell in love - or at least we believe so - and cealed it with a long kiss after the envelopes were opened and both had written "Kiss"...

Sven and I did enjoy sailing with the Sky Television as the crew was both very professional and funny!

You will see this fantastic crew on the first picture sailing away with us from Paphos harbour again - and the "the Couple" meeting for the first time. The youngest boy in the team had to swim to the Coral Bay shore where we anchored as he had forgotten to buy butter, mustard and mayonnaise - and cigarettes - and he was brave. He used one of the swimming matrasses and came back after 15 minutes with dry stuff -the cigarettes in his mouth wrapped up into plastic film....

After "the Kiss" "the Couple" enjoyed the sailing back to Paphos harbour...

When the filming was over - and the team was satisfied with what they had accomblished during the day they were "shaking" to Bob Marley on deck ....

It was as said before - a wonderful day - also for Sven and me!

söndag 20 november 2011

"Kiss or Miss" - Sailing with Gladan

So - this morning the weather was perfect for the Sky TV to take one of their 30 couples out with Gladan - and this couple ended up in "Miss". He was goodlooking, number two in "Kick-boxing" in the world and she was goodlooking - but nothing else.... Comments from me. Göran and Lars-Åke were our crew so I did not have to work on the boat - just enjoying the sun and the winds.

We had a "snaps" the Danish Gammeldansk as we always do - and Sven served the drinks.

Lars-Åkes wife - Anngret - was on the cliffs taking photos of us - and we took a photo of her standing up there.

So sailing away with Sky TV on the 20th of November looks exactly like this!

Dinner with friends

We invited our best friends for a dinner tonight in Olympus Village and we had a fantastic evening.

Sue & Steve - I play golf every week with Sue and sometimes Steve joins us - and sometimes Sven too. We played "Texas Scramble" all the four of us last week and if you have read my blog you know that we ended up winners all four of us.

Dallas & David - they are the couple we met having only being in Cyprus for two weeks - and they did introduce us to all our best friends we now have here in Paphos.

Stan and Chris - the guitarr player - we were listening to his songs for the first time in the harbour of Paphos when he played his song "Driving in Cyprus" and I could hardly stop laughing - because all the words in this song are true! Now we are close friends - and he has also written a song for us "Sailing with Gladan".

Stan playing and Chris singing made our evening!