torsdag 28 april 2011

Eastern in Sweden

I took a 5 days´ trip to Sweden last week to meet my family. The first day - Wednesday - and night I spent with my sister. She served fresh shrimps and I think I eat 1 kilo. So delicious¨!

Thursday early afternoon she drow me to Lund - och 30 minutes away - and I meet Mark with wife and children in the afternoon and in the evening I was invited to an engagement dinner at Filip´s and Åsa´s place. I was happy to meet Åsa´s mother and brother - and we had a fantastic night together.

Friday Mark & Hanna-Fia had invited her parents and two sisters with husbands and children - and also Jannicke, Embla and Toril was there. As always hanna-Fia with some help of one of her sisters - Anna-Maj -and her mother Helena served the most tasty Eastern buffé! I went with Jannicke to Malmö and spent the night with Embla in her room.

On Saturday we had typical Swedish food for Eastern - herring in different "shapes". I went for a walk to visit Embla´s school and after having a lamb steak - Tobbe is a perfect chef - I went back to Lund and Mark´s family. Sunday we spent in the garden - Mark building a stair and Hanna-Fia digging - with me in a sun-chair watching Tuva-Li and Wilhelm. The weather was so sunny and warm throughout the Eastern and both Wilhelm and Embla was enjoying themselves with the water-spider

Some pictures:
1. Me, Mark, Hanna-Fia´s sister with husband and Hanna-Fia´s parents enjoying the sun
2. Delicious eggs at the buffé.
3. Jannicke, Toril and me
4. Wilhelm and Embla playing in the garden

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