fredag 27 maj 2011

Sailing with Gladan

Today - Friday the 27th of May we invited our Swedish friends still here in Cyprus for sailing with Gladan. It never rains in Cyprus this time of the year - but of course it did today! But "vikings" as we are we decided to ignore the weather and sail out. We had a wonderful day on Gladan despite some rain - but we were happy that we had no wind - and we went by motor in a very calm sea.

Picture 1. The "team" - missing Anngret and Lars-Åke
Picture 2. Anngret and Lars-Åke who decided to sail along with us - and Anders who stayed ashore to repare their washing machine
Piture 3. Sven. Mats and Dan on the flybridge
Picture 4. Ingela and Peter - not very close to gether - but had a serious discussion
Picure 5. Anchred outside Geriskipou
Picture 6. Coffee Time

Monday we will leave for Sweden ......

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