tisdag 28 juni 2011

Our Västervik friends

Our "former" best friends in Västervik moved to Malmö but came for a short visit yesterday and stayed overnight. We were so happy about that - and the breakfast weather was beautiful.....

söndag 26 juni 2011

Goodbye Solhäll

Midsommar is over and André and his 17 friends have left Solhäll - and Sven and I really feel like "home alone" missing André and his fantastic friends...

The day after yesterday

The "youngsters" had breakfast when we had our lunch - in the best Swedish summer weather. Then some of them took the boat to Västervik to buy icecreme....

lördag 25 juni 2011


So - "Midsommar" in Sweden - and our oldest son André came with 15 friends - and we had a FANTASTIC lunch, afternoon and dinner. Look at the pictures and you will understand. Andrés water scooter was highly appreciated!

måndag 20 juni 2011


Our "baby" Mini-Solhäll is ready! It is fantastic!

Göran and Måns visiting us

It was so nice seeing our prison fellow Göran with son here at Solhäll. We spent a lovely evening together yesterday and this morning they went for a sailing with our "big" Buster.

torsdag 9 juni 2011


Sunset over Västervik - a beautiful view fron Solhäll!


Sven and Rolf are doing a fantastic job building our Mini-Solhäll. Onother coupe of days and our new guest cottage will be ready. Nice!

tisdag 7 juni 2011

Our new "baby house"

Here is our new little "baby" guest house. 15 square metres and an additional veranda.


Beatutiful floura at our plot today - and the sun has been shining since we arrived to Sweden. Unbelivable!

Our small "Buster"

So - we arrived to Västervik last Thursday in the afternoon and the fist thing Sven did was to pick up our "Buster" - from the Marina in Västervik where she has been sleeping during the cold Swedish winter. I took the car and did welcomen him to Solhäll!

Åsa & Filip

Åsa and our son Filip got engaged this spring - and we are so happy because not only Sven and I but also our other children lov eÅsa!

Åsa´s parents invited us to a get to gether last week and we were overwhelmed! Fantasti8c food - perfects wines and so much love between our families "to be".

Photos: Children´s table with the blond "burred" Embla - our oldest grandchild
Hanna-Fia, André,Sven
Tobbe - our daughter´s husband with our youngest grandchild Tori8lk
Our daughter Jannicke with husband Tobbe
Filip with Åsa´s mother and our "middle-son" Mark
Filip with his beloved ÅSA
The "Mothers" of the loving couple - Maj & Marie

Meeting our children and grandchildren Lund

We arrived in Sweden the 30th of May and Mark and Hanna-Fia had a doubble bed reserved for us in their basement. Lovely!

They had invitet Mark´s sister and brothers so we met all of them - except our oldest son André who took a trip to London with a male friend. He is still looking for this tall blond beatyful girl.....

Pictures: Our daughter Jannicke with children Embla and Toril
Our son Mark´s son Wilhel¨m and daughter Tuva-Li