tisdag 7 juni 2011

Åsa & Filip

Åsa and our son Filip got engaged this spring - and we are so happy because not only Sven and I but also our other children lov eÅsa!

Åsa´s parents invited us to a get to gether last week and we were overwhelmed! Fantasti8c food - perfects wines and so much love between our families "to be".

Photos: Children´s table with the blond "burred" Embla - our oldest grandchild
Hanna-Fia, André,Sven
Tobbe - our daughter´s husband with our youngest grandchild Tori8lk
Our daughter Jannicke with husband Tobbe
Filip with Åsa´s mother and our "middle-son" Mark
Filip with his beloved ÅSA
The "Mothers" of the loving couple - Maj & Marie

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