onsdag 27 juli 2011

André visiting us

Mark with family left yesterday after Tuva-Li had plyed with Granddad - fortunately we will see them in Malmö tomorrow at Embla´s seven-year birthday. André stayed together with his friends and as the weather is beautiful in Sweden we took a trip with our Buster to a restaurant at a small island where we took a swim and had lunch.

If you do not know André he is the handsome young man in the front of the boat together with Sara in yellow skirt - and also at my left hand side during our lunch.

tisdag 26 juli 2011

Mark´s family visiting us with friends

Our "middleson" Mark is visiting us with wife Hanna-Fia and our grandchildren Wilhelm and Tuva-Li. Our oldest son André is also here and we have also the pleasure to welcome their friends. For dinner we had a barbecue for thirteen people. So fantastic!

The weather is fantastic and after dinner they all took a tour with our Buster and then the fathers enjoyed playing with their children in our private "bay" with our wooden square "dingy".

On the first picture Mark is our son with the red cap and our daughter in law - Hanna-Fia - is the beautiful blond lady sitting to the right with Tuva-Li in her lap - and Wilhelm is sitting at her left hand side. The other two fathers are taking care of their sons....

The second picture shows Mark leaving our habour with the other mothers sitting in the back of the boat just enjoying the weather and the see

The third picture shows the three fathers playing with their childrenwhilst the mothers are enjoying the sun "ashore".

torsdag 21 juli 2011

Summer in Sweden

Our dear friends Peter and Malin left us this morning after breakfast and a walk around Gränsö in rain. We took our Buster to have lunch with friends at Björkö and we had a fantastic time both with Peter & Malin this morning - and at Jan´s and Lena´s fantastic summer house at Björkö with fantastic food and fantastic friends of theirs.

Friends from Lund

Peter & Malin visited us for a couple of days in Västervik and we had a fantastic golf "tour". Believe it or not but I made "par" on the 11th hole and got 4 points! Made my day because the rest ...... I will not tell you about that!

After the golf we took our Buster to a very nice island restaurant at Idö - and the food and wine were excellent. We spent the evening at Solhäll and enjoyed the sunset.

torsdag 14 juli 2011

Göran & Anki

Jannicke´s parents in law visited us - and we had a beautiful time! We took our Buster to a nice restaurant at a small island - and Sven tried to instruct Göran how to play golf....

Ingrid & Per-Åke!

When in Lund - I was invited to our best friends - and I enjoyed every minute with them!

Grand children

I spent one week with our "middle" son Mark and his wife and Wilhelm and Tuva-Li. Jannicke was also there with Embla and Toril. Can not believe that we have those beautiful grandchildren.....

fredag 1 juli 2011

Visit from Lund

Our friende from Lund - both bridge and golf players - came to us yesterday for playing both of those games. After dinner we took our small motor boat for a tour. Today it is golf for me, Sven, Urban and Birgitte,

Summer sunset at Solhäll

This summer is beautiful.....