tisdag 26 juli 2011

Mark´s family visiting us with friends

Our "middleson" Mark is visiting us with wife Hanna-Fia and our grandchildren Wilhelm and Tuva-Li. Our oldest son André is also here and we have also the pleasure to welcome their friends. For dinner we had a barbecue for thirteen people. So fantastic!

The weather is fantastic and after dinner they all took a tour with our Buster and then the fathers enjoyed playing with their children in our private "bay" with our wooden square "dingy".

On the first picture Mark is our son with the red cap and our daughter in law - Hanna-Fia - is the beautiful blond lady sitting to the right with Tuva-Li in her lap - and Wilhelm is sitting at her left hand side. The other two fathers are taking care of their sons....

The second picture shows Mark leaving our habour with the other mothers sitting in the back of the boat just enjoying the weather and the see

The third picture shows the three fathers playing with their childrenwhilst the mothers are enjoying the sun "ashore".

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