måndag 1 augusti 2011

Meeting friends

After Emblas birthday we visited "old" friends from Sven´s youth - and the evening in their beautiful new built house was so fantastic that I forgot the camera...... Stupid of me.´

We continued to our Swedish friends living in Cyprus - but spending - as we do - the summer holiday in Sweden. We were invited to a tour of their nearest town Laholm and we had some "games" where I won the first price in the first and Anngret in the second. She was outstanding!

We spent two nights together with Lena and Göran - our Turkish prison mates - at their beautiful new built house in Hovs Hallar. Lena is to the left at the second last picture and Göran - you will never miss him sitting to the right at the last picture.....

This evening we returned to Västervik having had a lot of fun together with our friends!

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