måndag 29 augusti 2011

Visiting Ellinge Castle

Before leaving for Cyprus this morning we had a fantastic evening, night, breakfast and lunch with my cousin Ingvar and his wife Britt-Mari! The food they served and the wines were excellent!

As they live inside the park of the Ellinge Castle we got the opportunity to visit the factory where they produce this fantastic Purity Vokda. Buy it if you can find it - and if you cannot find it - order it! The factory was fantastic! If you are interested to know more after having seen my photos- visit www.purityvodka.com

Even John Clinton was pleased receving a bottle. Look at the picture!

Me and Sven say "THANK YOU" to Hans for spending an hour with us in the late Saturday evening!

The summer in Sweden is over

After three months in Sweden we will return to the sunny warm Cyprus on Monday. We left our "big" Buster at a warft and our small one in the garage.

Crab Fish Party at Troserum

We were invited to a fantastic "Crab Fish Party" at Troserum - about 40 km from Västervik. Björn and Gunnel had booked a luxury bus from Västervik for us to their Mansion - and we were served sparkeling wine on our way to the party in the bus - and upon arrival we were served champagne in their garden.

We were over 70 people and I eat crabfishes until I could not have more. Fantastic! And they were Swedish - the crab fishes - so we could speak to them.....the crabs I mean

Then the dance started and we did enjoy also that shaking loose! And the food that was served before we left at 03.30 with the bus back to Västervik. Our hostes were most generous!

Fantastic evening!

torsdag 18 augusti 2011

And so finally - I could not avoid it - 65!!

I had the most wunderful birthday ever with my big family

Jannicke & Tobbe with Embla and Toril
Tobbbe´s parents Göran & Anki


Mark & Hanna-Fia with Wilhelm and Tuva-Li
Hanna-Fia´s parents Lars-Torgny and Helena

Filip & Åsa
Åsa´s parents Anders & Mari

And my beloved sister Siv

Just look at the pictures and you know that I enjoyed my evening!

And I will quote one of the songs they sang for me asked from my children and grandchildren...

Maj Spånberg is over the ocean
Maj Spånberg is over the sea
Maj Spånberg is over the ocean
O bring back Maj Spånberg to me

Bring back, bring back, bring back Maj Spånberg to me, to me
Bring back, bring back, o bring back Maj Spånberg to me!

The winds have blown over the ocean, the winds have blown over the sea
The winds have blown over the ocean and brought back Maj Spånberg to me

Brought back, brought back brought back Maj Spånberg to me, to me
Brought back, brought back, and brought back Maj Spånberg to me

The day before my birthday -and after twelve ...

We spent my last day being 64 with our friends in Lund - and before the magic moment we played biljard - and as it was the first time for me - I did play similar to golf. We had a lovely evening - with fantastic food and so many laughs! Ingrid and Per-Åke were the firt at exactly 00.00 on the 17th of Agust to celebrate me!

måndag 15 augusti 2011


Cissan was out in the "woods" around Västervik and came to us with those delicious things. After having fried them they ended up at our sandwich. How tasty!