måndag 29 augusti 2011

Crab Fish Party at Troserum

We were invited to a fantastic "Crab Fish Party" at Troserum - about 40 km from Västervik. Björn and Gunnel had booked a luxury bus from Västervik for us to their Mansion - and we were served sparkeling wine on our way to the party in the bus - and upon arrival we were served champagne in their garden.

We were over 70 people and I eat crabfishes until I could not have more. Fantastic! And they were Swedish - the crab fishes - so we could speak to them.....the crabs I mean

Then the dance started and we did enjoy also that shaking loose! And the food that was served before we left at 03.30 with the bus back to Västervik. Our hostes were most generous!

Fantastic evening!

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