måndag 26 september 2011

Golf at Minthis Hills

Sven, Urban, Birgitte and myself planned to play 18 whole at "our" golf course yesterday - and what happened? The sky opened and the rain was pooring down after 9 wholes so we ended up here in Olympus village together with our friends Paul and Mari-Anne. We had a fantastic afternoon / evening!

Urban was somewhat afraid that Mari-Anne was taller than him so we had to straight all questionmarks out!

Visit from Lund

Although we had a very tight schedule we had time to relax too

Kyrenia - The "other" side of Cyprus

We were 21 people that enjoyed going to the Turkish side of Cyprus playing golf in Kyrenia. We had three fantastic days - two with golf and one with a sightseeing in beautiful Cyprus and wine testing on our way to Kyrenia - thank you Lars-Åke for the tour and thank you Evert for the wine testing. I was a bit nervous about entering Turkish territory after our time in prison in Antalya - but we had no problems at all getting into the north part of Cyprus. The second evening a bus was arranged to take us to the beatiful harbour of Kyrenia and we spent a lovely evening there.

However Sven, Göran and myself had some problems entering "our" south part of Cyprus so we had to go to the "Mutfak" as you see from the photo. For my English friends - "Mutfak" in Swedish means where you go to bribe the Customs attendants.

The second golf day Sven won the men´s competition and also the best team together with Gerd-Louise. Anita played excellent and won the total women´s competition. And Lars-Åke was the only one during these days who could place the golf ball in the ball on the peg! Perfect!

Siga, siga - we Swedes are "back home" in Cyprus so when we had our monthly lunch we were many. Look at the picture!


Urban and Birgitte from Lund visited us this week and as they also are bridge players we enjoyed a bridge evening together at Krasares. Evert is "the big boss" summerising the results and we stood there waiting together with Ingemar and Ulla-Britt. If you wonder who won - Sven and I!

söndag 18 september 2011

Drag Show

We were invited to Petra and Johan for a drink - and then a drag show in Anarita. It was wonderful! I could not stop laughing - and dancing. Eva-Britt and Lars - living in Vikla picked us up and we say Thank You!!

fredag 16 september 2011

Sailing with Gladan

We had a fantastic day sailing along with Swedish and English friends!

Just look at the pictures!