lördag 29 oktober 2011

A hard day in Cyprus

The day started with me having to iron outdoors under the blue sky in the sunny Olympus Village. Sven took a golf lesson and I had to be on the driving range trying to hit those small pink balls. We had to have lunch with the fantastic Swedish group where we once again were celebrated for our golf victory yesterday - "Brödkavlen". Thereafter we were invited to our lovely friends Göran & Lena with whom we had to dicuss our trip to the Galapagos Islands in February 2012.....

fredag 28 oktober 2011

Wiking GOLF

Today Sven & I played the Swedish "Brödkavle" = bread-roller - and we did win - again for the second time in one week! I had some very god "putts" but Sven was the "rescuer" of my short shots from the tees and fairways! We scores together two birdies!

So we did it together and we will not hit each other with the "Brödkavle" we did win today - tonight! Just look at us...

Wine tour

Again - Evert and Anita arranged a fantastic wine tastng tour - and we were about 50people in the bus! We visited the three best wineries in Cyprus - and we were overwhelmed! We had lunch inbetween number two and three - and we all drank cyprios water to the traditional welltasting Cyprios food.... I met this nice green chameleome on my way back to the bus. Is she/he not beatuful?

Some pictures from this fantastic wine tasting tour....

söndag 23 oktober 2011

Golf Victory for the family Spanberg

For the first time Sven and I did participate in a golf competition - playing together - for the benefit of the Paphos Breast Cancer Foundation.

And what happend? Believe it or not but our ball did win the competition - Sven did win the price for the longest tee shot and Sven and I came in as the second couple in the whole competition - with the same score as the winners - but their total handicap is so much lower than ours - so they were really the fair winners! Three prices to the Spanberg family!

However - I am so happy that I scored my first "par" - one tee-shot on green and two puts! Could not be better!

It is unbelievable - so you must understand that Sven and I - during the Gala Dinner afterwards - were totally happy!

We stayed overnight at the Continental Hotel - and I woke up this morning looking out over the beautiful blue sea - and of course the number ? green.....

lördag 15 oktober 2011

Brunch at Ridderståle´s

Calle and Gerd-Louise invited us to a fantastic brunch today - and we did enjoy every minute of it! The view from their house over Pafos is stunning - and the food was delicious! The meatballs were even better then those my mother made! And then - before today - I thought she made the best ones!

On the pictures we are:

Me & Sven in our Hawaiian dresses (is that the correct spelling?)
Of course the host Calle and hostess Gerd-Louise
Anders & Goggi ( Anders with his special "Rosen-swing"
My golf partners Sue & Steve
And our "in prison mates" Göran and Lena

We did highly enjoy the afternoon - and tomorrow we are back on the golf course..... Let us hope our spirit from today will last also on the golf course tomorrow!

tisdag 11 oktober 2011


This afternoon I played golf with my nabour Sue - and we did play "excellent" golf - very concentrated - but also we had lots of fun.

After a quick shower - I did not even have the time to fix my hair - I was playing bridge with Sven and 14 other Swedes- and again I was very concentrated - but had again lots of fun - and we won the third price - a bottle of wine! So what I did learn today - be concentrated but also enjoy life!

torsdag 6 oktober 2011

A couple of days in Lund / Malmö

I took a flight to Copenhagen to hugh our children and grandchildren and to celebrate our son Mark´s 32nd birthday. The weather was beautiful and we had a fantastic barbecue in a beautiful place in Lund! Before that I had a lunch with Mark and his family - and before leaving Sweden I had a dinner with Jannicke´s family - and I had a pleasant lunch with André yesterday.

Picture 1. Lunch with Mark, Hanna-Fia, Wilhelm and Tuva-Li in the centre of Lund
Picture 2. The barbecue - Mark´s and Hanna-Fia´s daughter Tuva-Li
Picture 3. Mark´s and Hana-Fia´s son Wilhelm and their dog Egon
Picture 4. Wilhelm and Tuva-Li
Picture 5. Jannicke with husband Tobbe and daughter Embla
Picture 6. Filip with Egon
Picture 7. André with his girlfiend Anna
Picture 8. Hanna-Fia´s parents - Lars-Torgny and Helena
Picture 9. Me and Toril - Jannicke´s daughter
Picutre 10. Mark and his daughter Tuva-Li
Picture 11. Toril and Tuva-Li¨
Picture 12. Overwiew over the "battle" in Lund
Picture 13. Embla and Toril at home in the garden in Malmö