lördag 15 oktober 2011

Brunch at Ridderståle´s

Calle and Gerd-Louise invited us to a fantastic brunch today - and we did enjoy every minute of it! The view from their house over Pafos is stunning - and the food was delicious! The meatballs were even better then those my mother made! And then - before today - I thought she made the best ones!

On the pictures we are:

Me & Sven in our Hawaiian dresses (is that the correct spelling?)
Of course the host Calle and hostess Gerd-Louise
Anders & Goggi ( Anders with his special "Rosen-swing"
My golf partners Sue & Steve
And our "in prison mates" Göran and Lena

We did highly enjoy the afternoon - and tomorrow we are back on the golf course..... Let us hope our spirit from today will last also on the golf course tomorrow!

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Anette Karlqvist sa...

Sköna Maj - alltid lika tjusig men ovanligt fin i håret på dessa bilder! Hälsningar från ett grått och regnigt Helsingborg.