torsdag 6 oktober 2011

A couple of days in Lund / Malmö

I took a flight to Copenhagen to hugh our children and grandchildren and to celebrate our son Mark´s 32nd birthday. The weather was beautiful and we had a fantastic barbecue in a beautiful place in Lund! Before that I had a lunch with Mark and his family - and before leaving Sweden I had a dinner with Jannicke´s family - and I had a pleasant lunch with André yesterday.

Picture 1. Lunch with Mark, Hanna-Fia, Wilhelm and Tuva-Li in the centre of Lund
Picture 2. The barbecue - Mark´s and Hanna-Fia´s daughter Tuva-Li
Picture 3. Mark´s and Hana-Fia´s son Wilhelm and their dog Egon
Picture 4. Wilhelm and Tuva-Li
Picture 5. Jannicke with husband Tobbe and daughter Embla
Picture 6. Filip with Egon
Picture 7. André with his girlfiend Anna
Picture 8. Hanna-Fia´s parents - Lars-Torgny and Helena
Picture 9. Me and Toril - Jannicke´s daughter
Picutre 10. Mark and his daughter Tuva-Li
Picture 11. Toril and Tuva-Li¨
Picture 12. Overwiew over the "battle" in Lund
Picture 13. Embla and Toril at home in the garden in Malmö

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