söndag 23 oktober 2011

Golf Victory for the family Spanberg

For the first time Sven and I did participate in a golf competition - playing together - for the benefit of the Paphos Breast Cancer Foundation.

And what happend? Believe it or not but our ball did win the competition - Sven did win the price for the longest tee shot and Sven and I came in as the second couple in the whole competition - with the same score as the winners - but their total handicap is so much lower than ours - so they were really the fair winners! Three prices to the Spanberg family!

However - I am so happy that I scored my first "par" - one tee-shot on green and two puts! Could not be better!

It is unbelievable - so you must understand that Sven and I - during the Gala Dinner afterwards - were totally happy!

We stayed overnight at the Continental Hotel - and I woke up this morning looking out over the beautiful blue sea - and of course the number ? green.....

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