måndag 14 november 2011

The FINAL - Wiking Golf 2011

Sven did win the men´s competition "Wiking Golf 2011" but Hans was only one point after him - but of course Anita did win the ladies competion - and look at the pictures how happy they are! It was raining cats and dogs yesterday and tonight and this morning so we did play only nine holes.

Anita thanked the golf course, the bird we had on hole number 5 and now on hole number 6, the grapes, the landscape - she held a fantastic speach why to golf - not only to put those small balls - white, yellow, pink - into the cup - but also to have great fun in trying to do it together with friends. Sven was speachless after that!

I had lots of bad "holes" but a couple of good ones - so for the first time - on my own - I did win a bottle of wine as I came in as the second.... Believe it or not! Of course Sven did not take a photo when I got the "award".

But now I have to lower my handicap from 54 to 36 - so I do believe that this Tzangarides white wine bottle is the only one that I will win. But you never know - on the 18th of November we have a new competition!

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