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Gladan af Westervik - a TV-star

Press Release from Paphos International Sailing Club (PISC)

8th November 2011


Gladan af Westervik in the Kiel canal, between the Baltic and the Elbe river. Now for sale in Cyprus!

UK dating game show checks out Paphos

Remember Cilla Black’s popular ‘Blind Date’ show back in the 1990s? Were any of the sometimes unlikely ‘winning couples’ ever rewarded with a week’s holiday in sunny Cyprus? If not, the situation is about to be put right this month when the Princess Production Company from UK are bringing some of their new TV game show contestants to Paphos to film part of the programme.

By mid October the Princess researcher, Mark Leung, already had a long list of places the contestants might like to visit, but he was stymied trying to locate two things; firstly an opportunity to visit a distillery and perhaps have the winning couples get their feet amongst the grapes; and secondly to find a luxury Paphos sailing boat to welcome them aboard for a drink and a sail.

Luckily, local journalist Nikki Dake was on hand when Mark telephoned the unique East Troodos agrohotel, Ambelikos, looking for a friendly mountain distillery. She quickly put him straight about controlled Zivania production and the timing of the grape harvest but was considerably luckier with Mark’s request for a luxury sailboat. As Press Officer for the Paphos sailing club, PISC, Nikki had earlier been in contact with several boat owners when searching for a potential Committee Boat for the Geroskipou Summer Regatta 2011 held in July.

She remarked: ‘In April I contacted Sven Spånberg who has a lovely 40+foot catamaran Gladan af Westervik in Paphos harbour. He told me then that he was trying to sell the boat and would be happy to help us out, but that he would be away for the dates we needed it. He was then an obvious choice when the TV programme came up and was delighted to offer the boat, which he and his wife Maj sailed down from Sweden a few years ago. It’s a beautiful craft – still for sail with international brokers - and I’m sure the ‘Blind Daters’ will have a terrific time.’

Giving the couples a great time is a major concern for Princess Productions, who specialise in fresh, funny groundbreaking TV programmes from factual entertainment through to comedy shows for a variety of TV networks. They are responsible for ‘The Wright Stuff’ on Five, ‘Something for the Weekend’ on BBC 2 and ‘Gotta Dance’ for Sky1 HD.

The dating game show does not have a name as yet and will not be shown before next year whilst, of course, no-one knows at this stage of planning and booking who the winners will be, what their interest are, what they will want to do and where. ‘It’s an interesting conundrum for the researchers,’ Nikki Dake confirmed. ‘I’ve also proposed a day-trip which includes popping in to the Vouni Donkey Sanctuary; taking in Agros and the rose-petal industry there and finally discovering the unashamedly romantic atmosphere at Ambelikos (www.ambelikos.com ), where the pristine four-poster beds and stunning views out over the valley are incomparable. I can just see the couple driving dreamily back down from this experience to take in the sunset at Petra tou Romiou!’

Princess Productions arranged a recce visit to Gladan af Westervik this last week with a view to filming aboard twice before the end of November, plus a keen eye on the weather forecast. Let’s hope Paphos turns out to be a sunny destination for this romantic occasion.

For more information please contact Nikki Dake 991 70406 cnndake@cytanet.com.cy.

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