söndag 20 november 2011

"Kiss or Miss" - Sailing with Gladan

So - this morning the weather was perfect for the Sky TV to take one of their 30 couples out with Gladan - and this couple ended up in "Miss". He was goodlooking, number two in "Kick-boxing" in the world and she was goodlooking - but nothing else.... Comments from me. Göran and Lars-Åke were our crew so I did not have to work on the boat - just enjoying the sun and the winds.

We had a "snaps" the Danish Gammeldansk as we always do - and Sven served the drinks.

Lars-Åkes wife - Anngret - was on the cliffs taking photos of us - and we took a photo of her standing up there.

So sailing away with Sky TV on the 20th of November looks exactly like this!

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