torsdag 24 november 2011

Kiss or Miss - Words from the TV-team

Hi Sven,

Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thank you so much for having us on board your beautiful boat. Apart from one unhappy contributor, everyone who came on the boat had an amazing time. The footage we shot looks brilliant and I know that the rest of the crew and production team are very thankful that you took the time to accommodate us.

The help and time that people such as you give is so valuable and will all go towards making the show look great as well as making the filming process very enjoyable. The whole team and both our couples have said how nice it was to meet you and Maj and what a pleasure it was to spend a couple of days with you.

I have attached a link to the website where information about dates when the show will air will appear. I am no longer working at Princess so if you do need anything then please feel free to contact

Once again, a massive thank you from all the team.


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