måndag 12 december 2011

Baking "Lussekatter" in Västervik

Since Sven and I met - almost 40 years ago - Oh my God - we have every year in the evening of the 12th of December baked the Swedish traditional "Lussekatter" to be enjoyed with "glögg" - a sort of "Gluhwein" - in the evening but also with coffee in the morning of the 13th of December - Lucia - and of course throughout December and also at 15.00 on the 24th of December when we sit year after year looking at Donald Duck at the Television... It is abolutely neccessary with Lussekatter and Pepparkakor then! We managed 100 Lussekatter today - but they will be finished before the 24th of December so we will bake some more.

So - what did we do today at Solhäll - baking "Lussekatter" - when our dear friends -Sue & Steve - were struggling in the harbour of Paphos to sell our Gladan to a gentleman from London....

We managed almost 100 "Lussekatter"! Don´t they look delicious?

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