söndag 25 december 2011

Christmas in Lund

We were invited to spend Christmas afternoon with "glögg, lussekatter, pepparkakor and nötter" with Mark´s & Hanna-Fia´s family - all of our big family - and the meny in the evening was "turkey". So we drove from Solhäll Wednesday morning so happy to meet our big family - together with my sister, her son, daughter in law and grandchild.

And what happened in the morning of the 23rd of December? Mark phoned and told us that his oldest son Wilhelm was sick - and so after a couple of hours also his sister Tuva-Li - so we had to rearrange everything with a very short notice....

We decided to move the Christmas celebration to André´s house and Sven and I went out yesterday to buy all the food - because we were still 13 people.....

We did bake new "lussekatter" this morning and brought everything together so we had a woonderful Christmas eve - but of course we missed Mark and his family!

Some pictures...

1. New "lussekatter"
2. Laid for "glögg"
3. Donald Duch at TV 15.00 - Åsa, Jannicke, Toril, Embla, Sven, Tobbe
4. Lucas Jr, Sandra, Lucas JrJr - My sister´s son with wife and son
5. Jannicke, Embla, Toril, Tobbe
6. My sister Siv
7. The Christmas man = our son Filip
8. Discussions - André, Filip & Åsa
9. Me and my lovely granddaugther Embla
10. Toril, Jannicke, Sandra & Lucas JrJr
11. Swedish "julbord"
12. My sisterson´s family
13. Food is served
14. Kaos with 13 people in Andrés livingroom
15. Filip & Åsa who are getting married on the 16th of June 2012

And - the best of all - Mark came by just to say Merry Christmas in the evening - because we did miss them sooo!

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