onsdag 29 februari 2012

Cyprus is Cyprus.....

In February you never know how the weather will be in Cyprus - one day skiing in Troodos and the next day playing golf in Tsada - two different worlds.....

But today the weather also in Tsada is cold, cold, cold and I am so happy that I am flying to Sweden tomorrow morning to meet the suns in my life there - our children, Tobbe, Hanna-Fia, Åsa, Anna, our grandchildren and the yellow one up there in the sky. We have 2 degrees now here in Tsada - and Lund / Malmö has 12 degrees. I cannot believe it! But enjoy the picture of us golfing with our friends Sue and Steve at Minthis Hills in Tsada the other day. When I look out of the window - it is actually snowing here......

söndag 26 februari 2012

Wilhelm´s birthday cake

Our grandson Wilhelm wanted an engine-fire-car as his birthday cake on his fourth birthday - and our daughter in law of course created one! It looks so beautiful! Thank you Hanna-Fia!

måndag 20 februari 2012

Skiing in Cyprus

Today I went to the Troodos Mountains - Olympus 1,952 m high to ski with Swedish friend - a 1½ hour´s drive from Paphos. I must admit that everything I knew when skiing in the alps was lost so I only went up and down three times - and in the first pist I fell three times and I had to ask Björn to put me on my feet again - but I enjoyed it! I was laughing over my helplessness - and I have to realise that I am 65 - almost 66 years old. But Björn and Berit are still going strong.... But as you see the sun was shining and I did dream back to skiing in Austria, France, Italy...... And Sven was palying golf here in Tsada! Cyprus is fantastic!

The view was so beautiful and I did enjoy the sunshine....

torsdag 9 februari 2012

"Overflow" in Cyprus

When we moved to Cuprys in December 2007 it had not been raining for a long, long time so in the churches around Cuprys they prayed for rain. It took the message 4 years to reach the "receiver" up there but we have surtainly got what we asked for - rain, rain and once again rain almost every day since December 2011! So we say "Thank you" - but it would have been better for us to get some rain each year - and not all of it in only a month and a half - and more rain is forcasted!

So what do we do now when we have too much water in the dams? We have to lower the level and let the overflow out in the The Mediterranean Sea to protect dams not to collapse!

Some pictures from one of the biggest dams in Cyprus - only 20 km from us - The Asprokremmos Dam. It was a fantastic view!

The "Costa Concordia" in Paphos

In January 2012 Cyprus got its own "Costa Concordia" when a tanker in heavy storm almost "hit" Cyprus. "Edro III" is only a couple of meters from the coast as you may see from the pictures taken by me today. Fortunately nobody was hurt as the tanker stands on solid "ground". No risk for sinking.... The captain did not leave his ship - and he still has not - just to protect "Edro III" from "pirates".

lördag 4 februari 2012

Dinner with friends

We were invited to dinner at Rosén´s house in Apollo Beach together with our "prison mates" Lena & Göran and we had a lovely evening. Anders is the one with the spectacular "Rosen swing" and know throughout the the whole world for this golf swing.