torsdag 9 februari 2012

"Overflow" in Cyprus

When we moved to Cuprys in December 2007 it had not been raining for a long, long time so in the churches around Cuprys they prayed for rain. It took the message 4 years to reach the "receiver" up there but we have surtainly got what we asked for - rain, rain and once again rain almost every day since December 2011! So we say "Thank you" - but it would have been better for us to get some rain each year - and not all of it in only a month and a half - and more rain is forcasted!

So what do we do now when we have too much water in the dams? We have to lower the level and let the overflow out in the The Mediterranean Sea to protect dams not to collapse!

Some pictures from one of the biggest dams in Cyprus - only 20 km from us - The Asprokremmos Dam. It was a fantastic view!

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